Hi! So I saw you live in Minnesota (I do as well) and I was wondering how you did the pre surgery consults w/ the doctors? And I also want to thank you for providing such a detailed account, it’s not often you find one this thorough

Aww, thanks! I try. :3

My first consultation was back in June of 2014, when I took a quick two-day trip to San Francisco to meet with Dr. Crane in person. This was after a 2013 trip to meet with Mr. Christopher in the UK, who has fantastic results, but required a hysto/vaginectomy before he’d do a phalloplasty.

Once I got the okay from Dr. Crane, as well as confirmation that scrotoplasty/the various -ectomies were only optional with him, June 17th in 2015 was the earliest I could schedule with him for the procedure itself. Between the consult and the phalloplasty, I had to get together two letters of recommendation from mental health professionals (both of which I got from the Center for Sexual Health at the University of Minnesota), as well as a letter from my general MD explaining why I hadn’t had HRT and didn’t intend to start. Requirements for my insurance company differed slightly, demanding specifically phrased information be used, but even they still needed those three main letters.

I personally had a leg up on getting a meeting with one of the psychiatrists at the CSH, due to my having had therapy with her back when her caseload wasn’t as gigantic as it is currently. Keep in mind, without that prior approval to see her, wait times for enrolling to see a psychiatrist at the CSH can be ridiculous, and if you haven’t been there in over a year, you get put on the general waiting list no matter how many times you’ve been there previously. If you want to see someone there, acting quickly is your best bet!

Also, make sure to confirm that the psychiatrist you see actually writes recommendation letters if that’s what you’re after, as I lost several months waiting to schedule to see one psychiatrist there who, it turned out, didn’t provide those.

Good luck to you!

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