the picture from right after surgery, with the ? (to check for bruising)- looks like a dalek. The only reason i’m sharing is because i think you’ll find it funny (and not offensive). (If i was wrong, then i’m sorry that i was offensive.) Happy Healing, and thanks for all your sharing! (Also, do the sleevies you wear have any compression in them?)

Haha– not offensive at all, I can totally see it! I’m just glad Spot’s model doesn’t give me any trouble with stairs. :3

Also, nope, the sleeves I usually wear are made of simple stretch cotton and thread. I just started going to a hand therapist today, however, who gave me an Isotoner brand compression glove that serves to cover up most of my arm like the sleeves, as well as a whole stack of daily hand exercises for my homework. [sighs, looking at all the pages] I can do this. I can do this…

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