when do you think youll start having feeling in your penis ?

If we’re talking erotic sensation, which I think you might be: I’ve been told by those who’ve gone before me that it takes an average of two months before that comes around. So I’ve got a little under a month left to go, fingers crossed! (You’ll all know when it hits me by the muffled “WOOHOOOOO~!!” you’ll hear from several cities/states/continents away.) :B

As far as general touch sensation, that’s already come back! According to the notes I took while I was in California, it was Day 17 when touching Spot went from “this feels like I’m touching a stranger’s skin” to “wait WHOA. I’m touching PART OF MY BODY.” And it felt *weird.* Good weird! But definitely weird, to feel it start to change like that.

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