Somethin’ wrong with this picture.

Me: [peeing]

Spot: [forks off in a double stream]

Me: o_0 [keeps peeing]

Spot: [double stream splits into a triple]

Me: Okay waaaait a minute. [gets out hand mirror to look where the streams are coming from] a-HA!!

…Little bit of vocab info for you, if you haven’t heard of these already.

Fissure (noun): any opening to the skin surface that urine passes through, other than the end of the urethra. Are slightly more common in phalloplasties where a vaginectomy is not performed.

And that’s what it looks like I’m dealing with– two mini fissures that busted through the ring of stitches right at the tip of the head.

Never a dull moment, is there? But fear not… [holds up a tube of what’s essentially duct tape for the human body] Medihoney to the rescue!

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