I had surgery with Crane a month after you. Congrats man, you’re looking awesome and seem really really happy! I actually totally saw you in his office the day before surgery at my pre-op. I’m soo sooo happy with the results and I’m loving my new dick! Keep being you, because that’s super special and cool and certainly admirable. Stay smiley~

Woohoo! High five for somebody else who’s been there and back again! In’nit a trip like nothing else? (Going back and waving to you in the past from there in the office, haha! I woulda been there for a post-op meeting, so I probably had a goofy smile on my face the whole time.)

I do hope you’re healing up well! I got my energy back around the third week post-op, so I hope the same or better happens to you soon, too. Thanks for the kind words! :3

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