I was wondering if you by any chance had the measurements of your arm? I’m having surgery with chen in December and I’m trying to gauge the length/girth I should expect! I’ve got really small forearms so I’m freaking out a little lol I don’t want anything too small and the size of your penis is perfect!

Sure thing! I’ll do the best I can.

Length of my arm, from armpit divide down to wrist cuff: 16.5".

Length of donor site: 4" down the smallest part, down to 5" down the longest section gone, with about a ½" divide of regular untouched skin left behind.

Girth from around the arm where the donor site starts: 10" around.

Girth around sleeve cuff: 8.5".

(Though keep in mind, for those last couple measurements, my arm around the donor site has changed some since the surgery. My other arm’s girth measurements are 12" and 7", respectively.)

Hope this helps!

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