Hey, how comes you wet yourself? I have not heard of incontinence in a young man such as yourself, can it be psychological reasoning?

I should say it again, just to make it clear: it’s true, a bit of urine is likely to slip out after you’d think you were done peeing, in the first couple weeks after getting a phalloplasty.

To the grand majority of folks, this will probably never be a concern. However, I had occasional problems with incontinence before the surgery, too. Just reporting this as a heads-up to anyone who has similar issues; I’ve found it harder to clamp down on ‘holding it’ muscles when there’s almost five inches of new tissue between me and the muscles I’m used to clenching.

This isn’t the fault of anyone on the surgery team, mind you. Just chalk up another point for “individual bodies heal in different ways, some of which you can’t predict beforehand.”

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