Okay so I’ve been looking it up but have had no real answers. How realistic looking is the phalloplasty?

The way I’ve been personally measured how “realistic” my phallus is, is between 1) having several nurses and doctors take a look at it, as well as 2) asking an informal group of guys in the back room of a San Francisco gay bar. Between those two samples, I figure I had all bases covered.

Group 1 has been continually surprised at how “factory-made” mine looks, especially after the 3-month healing mark, and Group 2 was extremely vocal in how appealing it is. “I’ve seen a LOT of dicks, and that ranks up there as at *least* a 9 out of 10,” were one guy’s exact words.

When it comes down to it, though, my mentality going in was that my dick was never going to look “perfect.” No matter what, *everybody* has something they’d rather be different about their body. Some people want freckles. Some folks don’t have a thigh gap. My urethra opens a *tiny itty bit* over to the right more than I’d like. As I see it, my fabricated dong was going to face the same random-characteristic draw as it would if I was born with it: I would be content what my results would be, accordingly.

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