I’m a little confused about some details on a phalloplasty without a vaginectomy. Does that mean you can’t get testicle implants or a clit burial/repositioned?

I didn’t get testicle implants, and as far as I know, those are currently off the options table if you keep your factory parts (though they said the same about being able to both pee out your phallus AND get rod implants just a scant few years ago, and now that’s perfectly possible, so in a few years, who knows?).

Burying the clit is possible, though– that’s personally what I had done. Mine was originally so oversensitive, it couldn’t stand to be *touched* before my phalloplasty. Nowadays, eight months later, the phallus is *starting* to get some erotic nerves of its own, though my phallo was especially girthy, so that explains why it’s taken so long to get sensation back. [nod nod] I wouldn’t trade it for anything different, myself.

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