Turns out Dr. Elliott *wasn’t* dragging his feet the whole 2 ½ months I was waiting to hear back from him; he was deliberating. I’d been told I had two options to get rid of my scar tissue problems: daily sounding (or to be more medically precise, “manual dilation”) I’d be doing by myself, or a surgery in 2 steps, 6 months apart.

As it happens, he apologized for first saying I had two options when, after conferring with Dr. Crane, he said the manual dilation option would’ve been a horrible idea. With as severe as my scarring’s been, I’d only have to mess up the routine *once* from simple inexperience, and I could wreck Spot completely. This was *not* the kind of thing he wanted to be hanging over my head for all time.

The prep surgery, however, has already been set up for this coming Friday the 13th. (That’s probably fine.) So… score!

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