Hey Gerbil! I was just wondering if your size has changed much over the last few months. I ended up smaller than I wanted and my surgeon said most guys grow a little with time so I was wondering if that’s been true for you.

It has changed, a little! I started out a month after the initial phalloplasty at just over 5 inches. That calmed down to 4.5" by the six-month mark, though time and natural gravity hang have brought it to juuuust a tiny bit longer than that after 11 months. (Every bit on that ruler counts some days, haha.)

The biggest physical change for me so far has actually been on the head. Though the urethral slit looks absolutely perfect, evenly settled in the bottom center, the underside of the glans itself has… I don’t have any other word for it than “flattened” slightly over the first year, from initially being domelike/rounded all over.

This kind of head-flattening occasionally happens with some dongs, I hear, though I wouldn’t say it’s striking enough for anyone else to notice but me, knowing what it looked like at the start.

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