Does down there feel a lot different than before?

I hope I’m answering your question the way you intended, Anon, ‘cause the wording was a little vague. No worries, though– feel free to send another Ask if you meant something different than how I answer, yeah? :3

As far as feeling goes, I definitely *am* feeling my phallus as an honest-to-Pete part of my body by now, nearly one year in. When I’m cold, the skin of my dong is a little chilly as well. When I’m aroused, the same blood rush happens in both what little still remains of my vulva AND, *finally,* through my penis– even if what I feel in my penis is admittedly more muted, and nothing gets hard because I haven’t had anything surgically implanted inside of it to help it do so. (That’s an option that’s open to me by now, but I personally haven’t taken it.)

As far as how “down there” feels to the rest of my body, I can only describe it as “heavy and floppy enough to notice against my leg when I’m moving any faster than walking.” If I’m wearing boxer briefs, there’s much less flopping around involved, but boxers are much more comfortable for me since the phalloplasty, so… flopping happens, haha.

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