What is the sensation like? The best way you can possibly describe. I’m terribly afraid I won’t be able to feel and orgasm after surgery.

Best way I can describe… Gotcha. I’ll break it down into how it personally went for me.

A couple months after surgery, I had the shift from where touching Spot felt like tapping a stranger’s skin, to suddenly… THAT’S *MY* BODY, I CAN FEEL IT. What an awesome day.

A month after that, if it got cold, say from after a shower, I could touch the skin and it would feel cooler. (Not that it would shrink up like a cis guy’s– in fact, my dong itself wouldn’t actually *feel* the cold, but it would lower in temperature around cold things and still be perfectly fine.)

Three months, and I was no longer irrationally worried it would break or fall off. It was THERE, in all its admittedly floppy glory.

It wasn’t until six months in that I felt comfortable trying to masturbate again, but when I did, I managed to get myself off on the very first try. I did this by humping blankets and pillows, much like I did before phalloplasty. There was a lot more surface area to work with than before, which made for some awkward bumping around, trying to get a feel for where to rub, but masturbation worked pretty much the same as it did before. With multiple orgasm ability still intact! Woohoo!! (One’s own mileage on that may vary, but from what I’ve heard from others, if you can chain-orgasm beforehand, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping that ability.)

Almost a year to the day since phalloplasty, I’m still not able to orgasm from getting a blowjob or from my attempts at penetrative sex, but that’s just me. Everybody’s phallo will be different, will react a little different… And in my opinion, that’s a fun part of the experience, getting to know yourself all over again! :3

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