I’m extremely surprised Mr Christopher told you what he did, he certainly doesn’t think that way any more! He’ll happily custom each individual surgery to the preference of the patient and try for fill all their needs. Plenty of guys here in the UK opt to keep their original parts too and I’ve never know it to be an issue. I’m sorry you had the experience you did, nevertheless I’m so very happy it all fell into place for you. Mr C is a great surgeon, but his bedside manor isn’t great :P

This! Is! AWESOME news! 8D

I’ve had so many folks ask me whether anyone else besides Dr. Crane and Dr. Chen are doing phalloplasties without birth organ removal, and I honestly didn’t know anyone else who was. This news *thrills* me, like hearing about any step anyone takes in a new direction does!

The world may be slow and plodding towards progress on the whole, but I really do believe it does so generally in the right direction, and I have info like this to point to as my proof. Thank you, thank you, *thankyew* for letting me know. This truly does make my night!

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