I realize you chose against scrotoplasty and vaginectomy, but could you have gotten the erection rod if you wanted to? Or does keeping your original junk prevent it?

Oh, sure! The option’s still open to me to get an elation rod implanted if I want it. I’ve just personally been through more than enough surgeries already, thanks to my stricture complications, that I don’t think it would be worth the time/money/risk to take that plunge again. I’m happy where I’m at. :3

The fact that I *could* if I wanted to is a little mind-blowing to me by itself, though, ‘cause back when I was first researching phallo techniques only a few short years ago, you didn’t have that choice. You could either have urethral lengthing so you could pee standing up, OR you could get an elator rod and get hard. Pick one.

Nowadays, you can totally get both, even while keeping the vaginal area intact! It depends on the individual GRS surgeon and what they’re willing to do, of course, but the options are at least THERE. Which is a magical thing.

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