Could you write up a post explaining the route to bottom surgery without T and top surgery? Did you have to get letters from a therapist, what did the surgeon say, etc. Thank you!


Oh my gosh, Anon, I’m so sorry for not seeing this until just now! A few notes kinda got buried in my inbox, so I’m not sure when this is from. Thanks for waiting however long it’s been! D8

I’m gonna link you to a post I have over on my phalloplasty blog about just this very thing: with a couple caveats– yes, I DID need a special doctor’s note specifically addressing how I wasn’t planning to take T or have top surgery, but that was as simple as my primary care doctor writing “patient is refusing HRT due to concerns over related mental health issues, and is opting to undergo phalloplasty first to get the most expensive procedure out of the way.” Nobody checked with me after as a follow-up to be all OH, NO PLANS FOR TOP SURGERY? 10 POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR about it. Though I should point out the letter was more to have on my side when it came to getting insurance to accept my case; my surgeon, Dr. Crane, had no problems with my particular surgery requests, even at the initial consultation.

One good thing I’ve been hearing since my own phallo is how many phalloplasty surgeons are becoming more lenient when it comes to requiring body parts be removed first. Even the doctor who once turned me down when I refused to get a hysterectomy is now accepting patients who do the same, I’ve been told!

Reposting over here in case it helps anyone out!

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