Tucute trans fetishist. Didn’t think you pieces of shit actually existed, until that fucking Moen comic. Just admit that you only did this cos you’re obsessed with futa porn. At least then you’d be being honest.

So over the past few days, I’ve been getting a number of hatemail anons from what I think is just one person, because they all keep using the same sort of phrases in a different order.

Everyone else, please allow me a moment here, to see if I’m getting this person’s logic right. In getting phalloplasty so that I could more easily be accepted as a guy, and in the process, unexpectedly losing my long-standing fear of being perceived as feminine and coming to embrace myself as a nonbinary person, that somehow means… that I fetishize trans women and intersex people? Is that what you’re insinuating?

Because you obviously feel very passionately about the idea that what I’ve done for myself is wrong. To be honest, Anon Who Keeps Sending Me Angry Messages, I’m more than a little concerned for you. The idea that somebody else has finally found peace in their own body in an unconventional way really shouldn’t be making you THIS upset.

Remember to breathe, Anon. There’s room in this big ol’ world for all kinds of people. Yourself AND myself included.

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