im so sorry u get such ugly anons jesus i came here because i wanted to see bottom surgery cause im desperate for my own dick (cute name for ur dick btw) … please stay safe and im glad that it doesnt get to u and i hope it never does

Thanks so much for the concern, Anon! And don’t worry– phalloplasty is good at bringing out people’s strong sides. Heck, if I could have surgeons take the skin off my arm and leg to make a dong, heal all that up, and still be standing tall? Having people I’ve never met insult me for doing so is NOTHING, haha.

Though I should mention, if you’re after pics: most of the photos taken soon after my surgery are near the beginning of the blog. There’s nearly three years’ worth of Asks in between by now, but Spot’s birthday photos, taken from Day 1 on, are in there, I swear! :3

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