Based on how you describe your dysphoria(Ex. How other people see you in public) and the fact that you lied to/got your doctor to lie so that you could get phallo but don’t have any plans to transition any more, kept the “original parts”, talk about getting pregnant like it’s nothing, etc., I’m fairly confident that you just have body dysmorphia and you’re taking advantage of a system that’s not for you. Also, there’s no scientific/medical evidence for “nonbinary,” only against.

Gosh, but I sure love coming back from a social media break to have yet another anon try to inform me that, um, ACTUALLY, I’m doing this “trans” thing all wrong, and I really should’ve just stayed in bed and kept feeling miserable these past few years. Just… [chef kiss] Love it.

Sorry to break it to y’all, but… people like me exist under this great big trans umbrella, too. I’ve met a fair number of folks like me, or those who want to be such, through this very blog. Just because we’re not playing by the exact set of rules *you’re* choosing to take as gospel, that doesn’t mean we’re broken, or misguided, or trying to muscle our way into somewhere we’re not supposed to go.

Have just a *speck* of faith in me when I say that this is how I needed my body to be to reflect who I was on the inside, and that I’m not some pathological liar trying to game the system, okay? My body may not look how you figure it should. But it’s mine, it’s perfect, and I wouldn’t have things any other way, thank you very kindly.

[shakes head] I don’t understand what so many people have against the idea of somebody achieving happiness in their own skin, if that happiness doesn’t fit cleanly within a male/female binary. I really don’t.

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