Last ask of 2018!

Happy holiday season, everyone! Spot hopes you’ve been having a good one.


I’ve still got a little bit of time before the ball drops on 2018, though, so let’s answer an ask I received over the holidaze, shall we? Let’s shall.

R asks:

I really hope that this isn’t to personal or over the line but as I would like to have a surgery like yours one day, I was wondering if your vagina still works. As in can it be penetrated during sex and does it still get “wet”. Again I am so sorry if this is to personal or if this crosses a line.

No worries at all, R! Especially if I’m helping somebody with the info, my experiences are one big open book. :3

And the answer is, it can certainly still be penetrated, just the same as before– the only major difference going on down there is that my outer and inner labia are all gone, used as material to build the extension for my new urethra. My Warp Zone, as I call it, still acts like it always did, self-lubrication when aroused and all. Though it’s worth noting, no more labia means there is suddenly nothing standing in the way anymore around the opening. I was used to having quite thick labia before, so it was a bit of a surprise when my partner and I tried penetrative vaginal sex for the first time, several months after the phalloplasty, and there was suddenly no pause between “your dick is outside my body” and “oh, it’s already in.”

On a related note, you’ve got good timing! I was just rounding out 2018 with an end-of-the-year shave, because I was curious what that area looks like nowadays without any hair. Fresh after a shower– take a look!

vagina is where

Hope this helps illustrate things a bit better, R! Best wishes! :3

One thought on “Last ask of 2018!”

  1. Hi there, I was reccomend to look through your blog by someone after having a conversation about me wishing for pretty much the exact opposite of what you’ve had done. Judging by your pictures I would probably need my scrotum reduced in size to fit a full set of vulva. I’m guessing you would have some resources on the subject? All I’ve been able to find is “Some providers have recently begun offering this procedure.” Without anywhere else to go from there

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