~ happy 3rd birthday, Spot! ~

A dear friend of mine happens to have a birthday today. And three years ago, I was lying in my hospital bed in San Francisco, groggy and incoherent from post-surgery painkillers, but grabbing for my phone and texting her nevertheless, knowing what I must do.

Me: HAPPY BDAY I GOT YOU A DONG [photo of my crotch] 8D

Her: ….dude. Did you just send me your first unsolicited dick pic.

Me: heart haaaands


I’m just gonna keep saying “dickaversary” to myself and giggling today because, c’mon, it’s just a fun word to say.

Happy third dickaversary, Spot! It took three years, but I’m SO glad you’re finally housebroken.

( whispers slowly, ~ ~ dickaversary ~ ~ )