With all the dick pics, there’s a couple more stars of my phallo procedure I’ve been leaving out: the left forearm, and the synthetic skin patch on my left leg. Couldn’t be enjoying having a dong right now if I didn’t have both these skin donor sites to thank. Let’s introduce one tonight, eh?

My left leg was used as the donor site to give my forearm back the skin used to make the new phallus. It’s a huge patch, almost the size of a sheet of notebook paper. One day, the dressing on top of it will fall off, and the whole rectangle will be a giant scab. Neat, huh?

First pic: Day of surgery. This is what I woke up from the procedure to find.

Second: Day 2 post-op.

Third: Day 5; last day in the hospital. It’s learned how to sweat.

Fourth: Day 7, aka This Thing Is Oozing Constantly, How Do I Even Sit Down Without Making Everything A Goopy Yellow-Tinged Disaster. (Answer: towels. Sitting on lots of towels.)

Fifth: Day 11. FINALLY, it’s all dried up. Now the only trouble is how itchy it is. Enough to not be able to get to sleep for a couple nights.

It’s getting better. Slowly.

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