And now for something completely different! If we’re going by binary concepts of a person’s junk, that is. As I had no dysphoria regarding my factory-original plumbing itself (as admittedly freakishly small as it all may be), I felt no need to have any of it removed.

As far as I’m aware, Dr. Crane is the only surgeon out there at the moment who’ll perform surgeries for people a la carte like this, meaning there are all of maybe fifteen or so folks with junk like mine in the world. I’m thrilled to be one of them AND grateful that I still feel like my body’s whole now. The lessened healing time of not going for a v-ectomy is just a bonus.

These are the After pictures of what my “warp zone,” as I call it, looks like post-phalloplasty (the phallus being visible in the photos from directly above the hole). Overall, the inner/outer labia are both entirely gone, with stitching in a complete ring around the entrance from inside. The interior space is untouched from how it was before, but there’s noticeably less natural lubrication near the surface– a bit, just not much. 

From the bottom looking up, the divide between pubic hair and phallus looks super stark, though when looking down on it from above, it actually cuts off at levels that look more like a natural progression.

In’nit keen? The irony that it now resembles a mortuary scar is not lost on me. :3

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