Day 50.

Time for another hand therapy appointment! Today they’re bringing out the big guns, in terms of trying to get the lymph to flow down from my swollen hand to the rest of my arm– they even placed what’re called “chip bags,” small bags filled with chips of foam, on either side of my palm, in hopes that any amount of fluid might drain down and away from my giant palm and fingers.

I can actually inch my wrist a little ways to either side, and my swelling’s gone down by 3cm since I started doing my 4-to-6-times-daily hand exercises. Tiny steps towards progress, always. (If phalloplasty has taught me anything, I now have the patience of a monk.)

PS. Anon, I’ll try to get to your photo request tonight! Wasn’t able to get to it last night, but I’ll do my best, ‘cause that’s a great request. :3

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