you are a real insporation!!!! i’ve been scrolling through your blog all day so i gotta ask how soon after the surgery were you able to go back to work or school or just around the timeline of how long it took you to be able to move around and do things yourself

Thanks! That really means a lot, to hear I’ve been of help to anyone. 😀

When I first scheduled the phalloplasty, I was told it was best to not go back to work until a full month after the surgery date (just a low-key office job; if I was in, say, construction, I know the recommended wait time is longer).

After the surgery, I was healing up fantastically at the start. “You should be able to go home in three weeks!” my surgeon told me. Great news! And here I’d booked a local hotel for the whole month.

I’m glad I kept the reservation, though, ‘cause I came down with an infection after a week that nobody saw coming, to no fault of the surgeon; it was entirely bad luck on my part. Turned out, I needed all four weeks before I went back to work after all.

So, best to plan for the time you *might* need instead of scrambling for the time you end up needing, I say. [nod nod]

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