Have you noticed any erotic sensation yet? Also, props for being so open pal!

Thanks, Anon! You’ve got great timing– I wanted to bring this up sometime soon, ‘cause it’s a perfect example of how, for these kind of surgeries, there are some outcomes you just can’t expect ahead of time.

See, my original plumbing had a clit that was, in a word, “overenthusiastic.” It was so hypersensitive, I couldn’t bear to ever have it touched– it wasn’t sexy, it was *painful!*

So for my phalloplasty, when they gave me the option to have it buried within the new phallus or keep it open to the surface, my thinking was simple: of COURSE I wanted that sucker covered up. I literally couldn’t come unless I buried the skin under a layer of blankets first. This would only make things easier!

Cut to me two months after the phalloplasty, when most folks get their erotic sensation back. I’m sitting there in bed, jerking away, trying all sorts of areas from base to tip, and nothing’s happening. No big deal, though. Maybe my nerves are just late bloomers.

I only realized about a week ago that it’s probably not that my nerves aren’t growing, it’s that my new dick ended up coming out *so* dang girthy that I can’t reach those nerves from touching the surface! (Not yet, anyhow.) Talk about a double-edged sword. I’m not gonna complain, believe me, but I’ll admit I would *not* have seen that one coming in terms of how my results would play out.

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