Honestly thank you for this blog, you have given me real hope as a transman for my future. I just want you to know I appreciate you~~~

So glad to hear this! Believe me, I hadn’t heard of some of the options Dr. Crane offers until only a year and a half ago. Funny how the world can change so quickly, yeah?

I’m feeling like I’m not offering as much content as I used to in the past couple weeks, though. It’s been almost 3 months to the day since I had phalloplasty, and things have more or less settled back to normal by now.

So, I’ll consider this a good opportunity to mention in general: feel free to speak up about what you’d like to see on this blog! Would going to monthly photo updates be too light for folks, or is that about as often as you’d want to see photos? That’s what I might end up going with, assuming things stay more or less how they have been. There’s simply not as many changes to update about anymore.

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