Post-op, part II.

Okay so WOW am I glad I didn’t wait on this follow-up surgery any longer than I did. The scar tissue buildup was, in the surgeon’s words, “a wall. No wonder you were having so much trouble!”

I’ll reiterate: this is not normally something that happens. A stricture *can* happen a few months out from phalloplasty, but for anyone worried this’ll happen to them, I wouldn’t. When my body *in particular* wants to heal something, it does NOT mess around.

Turns out I get a third and final round left I’ll need to schedule within the next two months or so. Then the surgery team can go in directly and deal with the bit that’s scarring up, so the scar tissue won’t just keep slamming the urethra with every new removal. I’m admittedly a little iffy on the details for how they’re going to do this, but you can bet I’ll have a bunch of questions for Dr. Crane tomorrow.

I’m not worried; I’m in good hands. Already feeling tons better after the surgery, and from having a suprapubic catheter put in for now.

I’ll keep everyone posted. Had no idea I was going to have this much content for the blog, haha!

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