So , random question (and u don’t have to answer if u don’t want too) how does it feel to pee/ masterbate? Does it feel weird ?? Or completely normal

No trouble at all! When it comes to peeing, it doesn’t really feel any different from how it’s worked for me before– just let go of the clenching muscles involved, and it takes a few more seconds for the urine to come out, given the extra distance it has to travel. The big difference is, you can aim where you want it to go, now. (At least, you usually can. Urine streams really do have a mind of their own sometimes; mine likes to suddenly veer over to the extreme left.)

I won’t lie: there’s the issue of urine dripping into your underwear once you think you’re done that gets a little annoying, though this has happened more often right after my surgeries (both the phalloplasty itself and the stricture-fixing one). I’ve worn underwear guard shields from Depends these past couple weeks, which’ve worked wonders for catching any drips, but I’ve been told there’s a certain small amount of urine wet spots that *all* guys have to deal with after they pee, cis or otherwise.

As far as masturbation goes: patience is key. The nerves to the phallus can take months to regrow in the first place, and even then, what works for me now isn’t the “underhand/overhand stroke-it-inside-your-fist” move that media so often shows guys getting off from. In fact, when I’ve tried doing that, my own dong was so floppy, I started laughing at it because it looked so ridiculous.

Instead, what’s worked has been… exactly how I got off before the phalloplasty. I rub up against pillows or blankets, and that’s the only successful way I have so far (though believe me, I’m trying other ways! Fingers crossed). It takes a little longer to get going, now, but if you’re among the lucky folks who could have multiple orgasms before phalloplasty, I’m glad to say I’ve had no problems with having them *after* surgery as well.

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