Was it difficult to penetrate with the doubled up condoms? I’ve heard mixed opinions on whether they make you firm enough

(oh gosh, the Tumblr app I use didn’t show me this message ‘till today– sorry if I made you wait, yeah?)It was an interesting feeling, to be sure. Sort of like trying to stuff a tube of bread dough into the toy. The condoms definitely helped with the firmness needed to press through, but I was so floppy to begin with that it wasn’t *that* much of a boost.

Keep in mind, I hadn’t had many sensation nerves knit together at this point yet, so the whole experience felt rather muffled. Like, I could *see* what was happening, but I couldn’t feel much.

People’s personal mileage with the technique may vary, of course; I haven’t consulted with any other phallo patients to see if it worked for them or not. For me: it was fun, especially when I added more lube, but it didn’t exactly turn me on.

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