ah, I hope this ask doesn’t come off as mean, but is it normal to have so many urine-related complications?

Nope! Thankfully for most folks having phalloplasty, I’m an outlier. I was told by Dr. Chen a few months ago that about 20-30% of phalloplasty patients will have some kind of stricture or fistula if they get urethral lengthening, with admittedly a slightly higher chance if they keep their original plumbing, like I did.

I still recommend to people wanting phalloplasty that they set aside travel expenses for at least one extra trip to and from their surgeon’s city, in case something happens. The crappy thing is, you really don’t know ahead of time whether you’ll be one of the “lucky” ones or not until you have a complication.

And not to say multiple complications *don’t* ever happen– I myself currently know, or know of, four guys who’ve undergone phalloplasty and had a chain of regrowing strictures like me. That’s out of hundreds who’ve had the procedure by several surgeons in the USA, though. I don’t claim to be a statistics expert; I only report what’s happened in my experience.

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