I’m planning on getting phallo someday, so if it’s okay, can I ask what airports are like for you?

Sure thing! I’ve heard some real horror stories from trans folks about the TSA, so I can definitely understand how it would be a concern.

My answer probably has more to do with the fact that I haven’t undergone hormone treatment than anything else. No matter how you slice it, I look pretty darn femme. When I went in for a scan, it was almost amusing– I noticed the guy TSA agents would punch the “guy” button, whereas the gals hit “girl.” Either way, if I got scanned, they’d see an “anomaly,” then they asked me for a patdown (where one time, they looked confused and just *asked* me whether I needed a male or female agent), found nothing, and waved me through– so often that I just opted for the patdown, after the second trip to and from San Francisco.

For whatever reason, whether a guy or a gal pats me down, they’ve always waved me through without incident afterwards. The only exception was right after the phalloplasty itself, where their concern was my arm cast. Even then, I didn’t have to come out and say “I had phalloplasty” or anything compromising; they just put some powder on the cast, swabbed it, and again, found nothing. Next in line, please. And that was that.

They checked the stuffed dog that I travel with twice, though, and I still have no clue why. Do terrorists use stuffed animals as weapons *that* often?

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