Hey, all. Gonna be disappearing for a while starting next Tuesday, for between two weeks and up to a whole month.

Remember that alcoholism deal I was wrestling with? Yeah. So do I. And it’s getting a little bit better, but even after months of outpatient therapy, it’s not going away, so I’m calling in The Big Guns.

Thing is, I’m not allowed to use a cell phone while I’m inside the inpatient ward I’ll be at. Which is a full 99% of my Internet access at this time.

You’re all so amazing, and I’ll miss every one of you. Be kind to yourselves while I’m gone, yeah? I’ll try my best to do the same.

This’ll be right after my (fingers crossed!) second-to-last urethral surgery to fix my complications Monday morning, so I’ll try to have a report on that before I’m offline.

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