Hello! I just found your blog and holy crap I can’t express how happy I am for you! Also hearing that you can keep both your original organs and get the new one is so important to me. I’ve looked around but no one really talked about it and I got really discouraged. I’m NonBinary/GenderFluid. So the thought of going from one set of genitals to another wasn’t working for my mental health. So thank you! I have something I can finally look forward to! Keep up the great progress, on everything.

Aaaa, fellow enby fistbump to ya! I love hearing from nonbinary/genderfluid folks like you! The whole point of making this blog was to set out a little information oasis for folks who weren’t sure if this was a place they could surgically get to or not, so hearing what I tried to do is *working* just… [raises heart hands over my chest] It just gets me right HERE.

Have yourself a lovely week, ‘cause you just made mine with this message! 83

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