Hey, I’m beginning the process for phalloplasty and do you know anyone who’s done phallo, glans, and scroto without urethral hookup or erectile device? I feel like I’m more comfortable with the complication rate of the phallus and balls itself as opposed to touching my bladder’s plumbing or inserting a foreign object. Thanks!

Hm… That’s a good question! I only wish I had someone I could point you towards, but my first thought would simply be checking the “phalloplasty” tag like I’d assume you probably already have.

I tend to point info-seekers towards [redacted]’s blog more often than not, as you’ll find a lot more organized and helpful information over there. (Me? I’m the blogrunner who filmed my brand-new dick smashing up a cake once. Bit of a different brand I’m running here, I’ll admit.)

Best of luck to you on your journey, though! I’m *certain* someone’s out there who can help illuminate the path ahead for you better than I could, this time.

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