I know that this isn’t the reason for your turn of events, but I’ve often wondered if “reverse trans” people exist – say, a DFAB person who wants a penis but to continue identifying as a woman, or a DMAB person who wants a vagina but still wishes to identify as male. I haven’t found out, but the process of your operation suggests it’s a possibility.

Y’know, Anon, I’ve met so, so many different awesome folks of all gender flavors since starting this blog… I have no doubt that, whatever they’d prefer to call themselves, people who want that particular equipment and gender presentation exist already, and it’s only technology and availability that would need to catch up.

Speaking for myself, my phalloplasty made me confront my non-binary identity once and for all. My body no longer fits into an easy “male” or “female” categorization, and since phalloplasty, I’ve found I’ve lost the desire to try doing so.

Which was a shock when I realized it, believe me! There were years where I did nothing but strive to be the Manliest Man™ I could be without testosterone’s help. But there I was, resting in my post-phallo hospital bed, when the nurse asked conversationally whether I had any other surgeries planned, and suddenly I *knew,* deep down inside, that this was it– my body was complete.

Nowadays, when folks ask me, “which box do you check?” the answer’s still easy. My personality has always aligned with what society seems to see as “feminine male,” so if I have to pick one or the other, I check the M box, and have changed my IDs to reflect this.

Still, I yearn for a day when people won’t need surgery to have to “prove” to the world what they “really” are based on genitalia, or even that they have to pick only one box in the first place.

All I can do in the meantime is be the most authentic Me I can be, to show the world being something other than one binary gender *can* be done– look, I’m doing it right now!– and phalloplasty’s helped me do just that. :3

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