i’m not sure if this went through before, but i was wondering what kind of erotic sensation you’ve got in spot now? do you get anything out of stroking him, or is any erotic sensation still sort of deep down towards the base?

Thanks for being so patient with me, Anon! I know this was sent to me a while ago, but I wanted to take some time and check up on how sensation’s going in general, erotic and not, two years and some change after the initial phalloplasty later. I’ve got photos! 😀

Overall, I’m happy to report that “touch” sensation– the feeling I get when I’m running fingers down Spot, or squeezing him, including pain if I ever squeeze too hard– is everywhere by this point, with only one exception which I’ll get to. Heat and cold sensation took a while longer to develop, I noticed, with erotic sensation after that, taking about a year to fully knit together, and not really spreading much farther from where it initially came back.


The erotic sensation I have is almost entirely along the bottom edge and towards the base, with some faint happy twinges if rubbed along the upper ridge of the head (which surprised me! I wasn’t expecting to get anything back up there). The closer to the base of Spot you get, the stronger the pleasured feelings. The original clitoris my surgeons built Spot around is in there, deep inside the base, you can tell, yet it can’t be reached directly anymore through all that new dong skin. Which is personally a plus for me, seeing how mine used to be so oversensitive that it hurt to touch. I much prefer the more muted feeling that rubbing Spot has now– it may not be fireworks going off, but it feels reeeaaally good once it gets going.

Here’s another pic mapping heat and cold sensation:


The sensation stopping at the tip is weird, sure, but not altogether unexpected, when you consider it’s so close to the numb zone right at the tip, as seen here:


That one little circlet of skin right at the urethral opening sadly never got anything back. I can sense when pee’s going through it, of course, but that’s about it.

Still, when the rest of the results turned out as well as they did, I’m not gonna complain too much about the one part that didn’t turn out.

Hope this was enlightening, Anon! I had fun with it. :3

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