I’ve done some research on the ability to keep one’s biological female parts, but gain a penis via surgery. I’ve understood that it’s possible to create a penis out of the clitoris or create one just above the clitoris. What I can’t seem to find is the pros/cons of both, especially from someone who’s experienced them. Would love your thoughts.

Sure thing, Anon! Though I’m not sure I’m gonna be much help with this particular issue– my own phallus was built anchored around my original clitoris, not placed above/below it so the clitoris is still able to be touched directly. That way was explained to me by Dr. Crane as an option I could take, and it was one I declined.

For me, “burying” the clitoris, as I hear the method they used for Spot is called, was far more beneficial to me personally. My clitoris was a real uppity so-and-so, oversensitive to the point of pain if touched directly, so an added benefit of burying it was that I no longer feel that discomfort. But I can definitely see where some folks would want the option to touch it still open to them, seeing how it’s one of the most guaranteed pleasure spots a human body is capable of producing.

And I do have to admit, the sensation I feel around where my clitoris used to be has been significantly muted after phalloplasty, due to all the skin being around it now. I’m still able to orgasm the same way I did before phallo (slow rubbing friction against blankets and such), but I sympathize with folks not wanting to take the chance of having their methods change that drastically.

It all comes down to personal preference, even down to how you prefer to reach an orgasm– an option I’m happy to see taken seriously by the phalloplasty surgeons I’ve met. :3

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