Without a hysto, are you still able to get pregnant? What would happen if you did? Would the phallus be ruined at birth? Do you think there’s any way to have a phallus and be pregnant?

I can still get pregnant, this is true; however, it’s been unanimous among my general care doctors I’ve seen since having phalloplasty that they would err on the side of caution and have the kiddo via C-section, just in case the new junk setup would pose any problems.

Going off my regular Depo-Provera shots and having a kid was actually something I’ve considered this past year, when a couple I’m close friends with wanted desperately to adopt a baby. After many years, they were coming up with nothing in their search for finding birth parents. Having a dick, to me personally, means I wouldn’t see myself having dysphoria even under extreme circumstances like pregnancy. I would be an awesome seahorse dad! 😀

Happy ending, too– my friends eventually found a birth mom, so my theoretical services weren’t needed after all.

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