Would you recommend Crane to others? I’ve heard horror stories, and I have a lot of anxiety about it, but he seems like he might be the only surgeon here who will let me get the combination of surgeries I need.

I certainly would, though I’m friends with one who went through the “horror story” you’re probably referring to, regarding Crane. I won’t discuss anything particular to that case, as it’s not my story to tell.

I’m gonna ramble for a bit about surgery risks before I answer the meat of your question. It can be tough reconciling the hard truth that, yes, once in a blue moon, terrible things *can* happen during any surgery, especially one as intense as phalloplasty. I would recommend everyone considering phalloplasty do some soul-searching before they agree to go through with the procedure: what if I’m that unlucky one-in-a-thousand case where something goes really wrong? What then?

If you seriously don’t think you can take that risk, I would suggest metoidoplasty. Which has improved by leaps and bounds these past few years, I’ve been finding out. It doesn’t produce quite the striking results as phalloplasty does, but phalloplasty has a much longer pool of possible risks and complications tied in with it that metoidoplasty doesn’t have.

Getting Spot saved my life, I know that much to be true now. Has the surgery been worth it to me, even with two and a half years of repeated stricture complications afterwards? ABSOLUTELY.

But I can only speak for myself, and the phalloplasty surgery experience on the whole is, in a word, *harrowing.* I don’t want to scare anyone off, but realtalk here– if you’re not ready to put in loads of persistent effort towards an end result that has a small chance of turning out… not how you’d planned, then I can’t in good conscience say “Yes, phalloplasty is for you!”

WITH THAT SAID. Dr. Curtis Crane was nothing but polite and personable whenever I saw him, and really seemed to listen to my concerns and goals in having this surgery done. His staff informed me of what I’d need to do in the year before the actual surgery (losing a bit of weight, starting hair removal sessions on my donor forearm), and guided me through all the health insurance headaches that stood in my way when getting phallo. His cell phone was at the ready for emergency questions, even for the awkward 3AM “Uh, I’m bleeding from under the new head. What should I do?” (Answer: smear some Medihoney on it and call me in the morning. And it worked!)

I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding doctor, and if it wasn’t for his help, I could not have become who I am today.

I can only speak my own experience, and that was mine when it came to Dr. Crane. :3

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