Theoretically, with mental health problems aside (I’m there with you), would you have any problems starting testosterone after your surgery? Would testosterone enlarging your anatomy affect the phallo at all?

Interesting that you should bring this question up right now, Anon! I’ve been informed only a couple days ago of a program at the Minnesota-local Family Tree Clinic that specifically seeks to provide HRT towards *androgyny,* not solely masculine or feminine presentation. Just goes to show– here I’ve been at this “trans” thing a good thirteen years, and I still get surprised by news like this every so often!

My primary care doctor did some research before and after I had my phalloplasty surgery done. She saw no problems with prescribing me testosterone IF I wanted to take the risk of its possibly depression-worsening side effects, and said she’d work with me if that was a path I wanted to take. In *her* research, she found no negative physical consequences for Spot if the buried clitoris/anchor of the dong enlarges via testosterone after phalloplasty.

If I go the HRT-for-androgyny route and only take tiny amounts of Androgel instead of full-dose T shots, however, that could do wonders towards soldifying my non-binary self to the outside world. It’s a very exciting prospect, one I’ll have to take a few nights to sleep on– I literally only found this out two days ago, haha.

If that’s where my travels take me next, I’ll be sure to document the results here on this blog! :3

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