I was having my phalloplasty in 8 days and they just called me saying I have to lose weight and reschedule, im super bummed but finding your blog recently really helps cuz I’m going with no v-ectomy too. Spot is so cute and I hope when I get mine I’m as positive and strong as you’ve been through everything :)

Oh my gosh, Anon, that *sucks,* I’m so sorry to hear it! And so close to the go-time date, too. I know how long wait times for surgery can be, but having to start waiting *again*…

I’m careful never to say “I know exactly how you feel,” but I’ll say this much: there was a time, right after I visited London, when [REDACTED]’s team had turned me down, when I looked around at how far I’d come– the five years I spent saving and planning– and *still* they’d said no? I felt like never getting up from that punch.

And looking back, I’m so, SO glad I didn’t give up then. I didn’t know how awesome this story would get from there!

Thank you for the compliments, and just think: there’s gonna be a time in the future when you wake up, and the whole waiting mess is gonna be in the past, like a bad dream. Let that day guide you when things seem bleak, yeah? ‘Cause you’re getting closer to it all the time. :3

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