I so appreciate how candid you are I didn’t know you could get phallo w/o a v-ectomy and I’m so glad I found your blog. Seeing your victory pose was awesome and I’m so happy for you. I was wondering how much range of motion you got back in your wrist after PT and also if you don’t mind me asking a personal question is your front hole still able to be penetrated comfortably or not?

Aaaa, thanks so much for the kind words! 😀

I’m happy to report, my wrist is 100% functional again, after a few months of PT exercises! Though it bears mentioning– I did *not* remember to do the exercise that would’ve forced the lymph fluids caught in my hand back down past my arm scar (IE, smoothing the other hand down along the hand I had the skin taken from, from the base of the fingers to the wrist, very slowly and firmly, a few times a day), and because of that, my hands are literally two different sizes now. It’s a subtle difference, but noticeable.

Pay attention to what your PT doc tells you to do *and do it,* is the takeaway lesson here! Otherwise, you might have to buy two sizes every time you get a new pair of gloves, like me.

As for the front hole (or “the Warp Zone,” as I call it, after the hidden passages in the first Mario game): *also* happy to report, that’s still working fine as well! I took about half a year off from using it after phallo, but there was little to no change functionally after that time, besides one change of note. The inner and outer labia were both removed to be used as the new urethra’s skin, so there’s no wiggle room anymore between “there’s something outside my body” and “WHOA there it is, right inside already.”

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