Did Dr. Crane take any convincing to do the phallo without the hysto? I know it’s possible due to your blog, but other trans people have said that he won’t schedule the surgery until you’ve had or have a surgery date selected for your hysto.

Oh, gosh, this is surprising (and confusing) news to me! He was very adamant when I met him that the decision of what to remove or not be left up to me. If his policy has changed since 2015, all I can say is, that’s very unfortunate, and I wonder why he’d do that.

Liability issues, perhaps? Or to prevent a higher probability of complications? That’s totally only my guessing, don’t take it to be his actual reason– but that’s the only logic I could see in changing policy like that.

I should call his office later today and look into this, so I can make sure I’m not steering people towards him for surgery options he may or may not be offering anymore. I really *hope* he’s still allowing phallo without hysto! But thank you for making me aware of this. I’ll update this blog with whatever I find.

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