Your arm scar looks like it healed up great. Was there any particular creams or care routines you followed? I had phalloplasty two years ago but my scar still looks really red in patches.

Ah, thanks much!

In those first few rough months where everything was still healing up, I remember I was quick to paste over any raw spots with Medihoney gel before wrapping everything back up in the dressings.

After the dressings and cast came off, pretty much every night before going to bed, I’d go over the area with Vanicream. I got the big-sized jar of it, with the pump dispenser on top. Nothing thick, just a quick pump or two and a rub-over. I did this until I ran out of a second big jar, or a little over a year. After that, I didn’t do anything special to it.

I’d keep forgetting to go over it at first, until I paired the action in my mind with taking my meds at night, by placing the cream jar right next to my pill tray. Just a little change, but that helped a lot!

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