Day 11 post-op. Getting a little concerned at the amount of discolored smooze both around the head and in the urethra, so I finally took a pic of the underside of the dong for once, and…

…I reaaally don’t think it’s supposed to look like that. Not that I’m at all an expert; that’s the scary part, that I have no idea. The skin bubbles, I can deal with; it’s the mystery crud in the crevices that has me worried.

No way to leave a message or contact the surgeon’s office until Monday. Wish me luck that nothing’s gone necrotic.

Bit of dried blood around the head yesterday and today, turned black after smearing some Medihoney on it. It may look infected, but it’s not. Just having a four-day-old penis’s version of a bad hair day.

Today I’ve been having a time with my very first surgery complication, from staples opening up in my sleep: a constant serous fluid leak at the side-base of the dong. Not dangerous (meaning nobody’ll bother stapling it back again), just super annoying, as it takes an adult diaper WITH towels scrunched in to stop everything around me from being soaked with bright pink. Until those soak through, too.

Not gonna lie: I’ve kinda given up on sleeping since the surgery. Those yellow marks on the bed were cold wet sticky patches from the giant synthetic scab graft on my leg, and they’d *just* dried before Lisa Frank Unicorn Blood went and soaked the other side.