9 months.

So I’ve got some friends who are going through surgery at the moment, and one of the things I keep hearing from at least a couple of them is “What if it doesn’t turn out to look any good?”

I counter: Spot is *anything* but Photoshop-perfect. He’s chubby. He’s floppy. He’s still covered in scars. His head has deflated a bit by now. And you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing about him, because that’s SPOT, as I know him, and I’ve grown to love him so, so much.

Could do without the random uncontrollable urination bombs Spot drops on me every once in a while, but thankfully I’m seeing a Dr. Elliot at the University of Minnesota who can hopefully put those to rest, or at least explain them, on the 21st of this month.

Day 48.

I think I have enough stitch scars to qualify my dick region as “totally metal.” What do you think?

Check out the tiny line on the bottom of the third pic. That’s where my catheter used to come out! All healed up, as of today. One less problem to worry about.

Speaking of problems, the fourth pic is a closeup of the inguinal incision where my serous fluid leak is still going. It’s so, so much weaker than it was when it started on Day 5, but it still decides to ooze sometimes at random. One day, I’ll be rid of you, serous fluid leak. ONE DAY… [shakes fist]