Day 45.

The fistulas haven’t healed yet, and I’ve been incontinent on and off. Had to start sitting down to use the toilet a couple days ago rather than soak my clothes every time I had to piss, which really brought me down, ‘cause… that is directly the opposite of why I got the surgery in the first place. Exactly what I did all this to NOT do.

Still, I got my first-ever blowjob tonight. (I was right to save it for my partner. Wouldn’t have traded it for anyone in San Francisco.) And I even had something *happen,* during– the very first little blip of funtimes sensation waking up on my dong. Just one. And it was gone. But it was finally, finally THERE. Meaning there’ll only be more where that came from.

Man. No matter how much I might try to complain, this journey just keeps throwing me curveballs.

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