New year, new sex toy!

Youguys, I’d been waiting for this for SO LONG. I had the Hazel penetrable from Bad Dragon ready *months* ahead of time. I’d heard of the two-condom rule (as far as being hard enough to penetrate) if you have a phalloplasty but no rods implanted, so here’s my review.

It was… okay?

For one thing, my partner was *all for* me trying to penetrate this toy, even helping guide me inside. But even with that on my side, and with the inner condom breaking halfway through, I’m not sure if my erotic-sensation nerves have grown in enough to give me as good as a time as I could’ve yet.

Definitely felt the pressure and suction, which wasn’t bad, but mostly I felt like you would if you rubbed your fingers against the broad part of your leg. Nice, but not *sexy.*

Right now, I do not have the physical ability for this to feel great. For myself, at least. I tried penetrating with a toy, but I would *not* try this with a living partner, given my results at six months in, unless you’re willing to have a lot less fun than whoever’s on the receiving end.

But, fingers crossed that more erotic nerves grow in for 2016. Who knows? :3

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