Are you or will you be able to masturbate with your new dick?

I’m gonna divide up that question into a few specific parts, Anon, because I’ve found a lot of folks who haven’t heard of phalloplasty before will assume that the new dong’s going to come out from surgery able to do anything a cis guy’s dick can, which isn’t exactly true.

Can Spot get erect? Spot in particular can’t, though there IS a surgical option to get what’s called an “elator rod” implanted in a new phallus, which can make it stand firm enough for penetration (after it heals up, of course). I still have that option available to me, but with the complications Spot ended up having in the first two years, I figure I’ve had enough surgeries for one lifetime, heh.

Can Spot feel erotic sensation? Yes, around most of the shaft, and especially down near the base. Nerve regrowth speed can vary a bit from person to person, but if I’m remembering right, my dick started feeling touch sensation at around two months, and erotic sensation about a month or two after then. (That was a GLORIOUS day.)

Can Spot ejaculate? No. I don’t have any equipment in me that would produce semen, nor does anything squirt out from it when I do reach orgasm.

Can I still reach orgasm with Spot? Yes, often, and gladly! I can’t speak for everyone’s experience/preferences, but my most dependable way to reach orgasm is to rub up against really soft things, like pillows or blankets. This hasn’t changed a bit since getting phalloplasty– if anything, orgasming has gotten *easier,* now that my once-hella-oversensitive clitoral nerves are buffered by a whole dong’s worth of skin around it.

I hope this helps answer your question, Anon! :3

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